24 Hour Watch Senior Care In Utah

24 Hour Watches in Utah

While most personal care agencies only offer daytime services or live-in services, Like Family Personal Care saw the need to provide last-minute round-the-clock home senior care services for older adults and aging loved ones.

Our certified nursing assistants in Washington County, David County, and Weber County, Utah are available 24/7 if you or your loved one needs quick and affordable supervision. Whether for one day or longer, we tailor our services to your family and loved ones’ specific needs.

Respite care gives families invaluable time to rest and tend to any other personal needs. With intermittent rest, caregiving family members are able to maintain their health and maintain vital balance. That way, they can give their best to their loved ones.

We serve adults and children with special needs and other ailments as well as seniors in Utah.

We Can Help Day & Night

Our Round-The-Clock Care Difference

24-hour watches are for families that might need sudden relief from taking care of their loved ones, whether by day or night.

24 Hour watches also exist for adults and children with special needs, debilitating injuries, and illnesses. Our on-demand overnight watches offer families and their loved ones flexibility and prompt assistance.

Respite care.

We can help you at any time of day.

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