Adult Care In Utah

Certified Nursing Assistants In Utah for adults with disabilities, illnesses, and special needs

In-Home Adult Care Services

Besides senior citizens, our certified nursing assistants also provide relief to young and middle-aged adults suffering from certain diseases and injuries. With the help of our certified nursing assistants, adults with special needs can live a life of freedom. We provide essential daily living assistance – along with extra care – to help our clients stay healthy and full of joy.

Some of our clients suffer from certain chronic conditions, while others are experiencing short-term disabilities. 

It isn’t just about providing health care assistance – it’s about liberating our clients and making them feel capable. We’ve done it for thousands of adults, and we can do it for your loved one, too.

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In-Home Adult Care Services Vs. Assisted Living Facilities

Unfortunately, most assisted living facilities don’t provide as much freedom to adults as in home certified nursing assistants.

Like Family’s in home caregiving services provide adults the independence they need to live a happy, healthy life.
Where assisted living facilities are based outside of someone’s home, in-home care services offer flexibility, comfort, privacy, and independence at an affordable rate.

To learn more about the services we offer at Like Family Personal Care for adults, contact our home health care experts or fill out our online contact form. It takes less than two minutes!

Care for all.

Like Family Personal Care helps a wide range of people with various disabilities, diseases, and health conditions. The reason for seeking in-home care is different for every adult. Luckily, Like Family’s home health agency specializes in providing assistance for multiple health conditions, some of which are mentioned below.

Brain Injury

Heart Attack


Kidney Disease

MS Care


Cerebral Palsy

Special Needs

We Do More Than provide living assistance - We Protect Freedom.

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