In-Home Care for Children With Disabilities

Utah caregivers for Children with Disabilities

In-Home Care For Children with disabilities

Place your trust in Like Family Personal Care. We offer in-home child caregiving services to families in all parts of Utah. Our caregivers are qualified to provide immediate assistance to children with chronic illnesses, disabilities, and other special needs.

Our expert child caregivers have experience caring for children of all ages who have special needs, and children in need of hospital companionship. Our professional caregivers can craft the perfect plan for any duration of child care.

Many parents work full-time to take care of their families. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to put bread on the table and take care of those you love. We get it. And we’re here to help.

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The Children We Care For

The Children We Care For

Like Family Personal Care offers services to parents and primary caregivers with various needs. Some of the following people may especially benefit from our childcare services in Washington County Utah:

  • Primary caregivers in need of short-term child care
  • Primary caregivers in need of long-term child care
  • Parents and primary caregivers that need help caring for a child with special needs

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